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E-Z Hooks, also referred to as a "gaffel" - which means " grab it", has been used for generations in South Africa for cooking and eating. In fact, the first hooks were made way back in the 1700's by blacksmiths! Whether you cook with E-Z Hooks in your kitchen or on the grill, or just give them away as a gift, you will wonder how you ever did without them!

E-Z Hook is the all-purpose turning utensil for the BBQ grill, kitchen or table that's so "EZ" to use. Our E-Z HOOKS are popular world wide i.e England, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Bolivia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, and the other 48 states.

How The E-Z Hook Works

The extremely sharp stainless steel EZ Hook only catches the most outer fiber of the meat so you don’t have to worry about piercing your meat and allowing the juices to bleed. You are also able to turn over veggies the thinnest of meats such as, flour tortillas and much more, without scraping your pan.

The E-Z HOOK is so easy to use, it will fast become your favorite and most used kitchen utensil. Anything you can fork, you can hook. When used for cooking, just barely touch the top outside edge of your meat, turn your wrist a quarter turn as in a fish-hook position, lift it straight up, then lay it back down and reverse a quarter turn out of it. That's all! Its extremely sharp, stainless steel hook doesn't penetrate deep enough to lose the natural juices. Get more instructions

The Many Uses of the Amazing E-Z Hook!

Unlike a fork, whatever you are holding will not fall off until you are ready to put it down, making it a great tool for frying in a skillet (no oil splashed over you & your stove). It is absolutely the best tool ever for frying bacon! When using in a skillet or non-stick cooking surface, lay the point flat against the meat and slide it to the side until hooked, and lift.

The E-Z HOOK can also be used for pickles, olives, peppers, cherries, fresh vegetables, cheese; dredging meat, poultry or fish for double battering (eliminating pasty fingers!); and as a serving piece on your buffet or dining table. They are great gifts for weddings, housewarmings, Christmas, businesses - and "thank-you" gifts.

E-Z HOOKS come in right or left handed, several sizes and woods. The 10" SHORT is a great serving size; 14" MEDIUM is good for everything; 23" LONG for grills, smokers or campfires; TRIPLE SETS include the short, 6# medium, and long. Wood handles come in oak, black walnut, ash and cherry, depending on availability.

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