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"Friends of E-Z Hook®" is a resource for items you may need that are not an E-Z Hook®. While E-Z Hook® is our entire world, we get that it's probably not yours. And there's help for that if it is. All of the companies we either know personally or have investigated. They're either friends or cooking related and all can be trusted. Finally, the link exchange is completely "good will." There is no referral agreement in regards to payment if there is a sale. Sometimes it's not about money.

Businesses can be listed here under the following conditions:

  1. You have a page similar to this one where you list and link to us.
  2. And either:
    • Your product is cooking related and does not directly compete with E-Z Hook.
    • You know Chris Perry (E-Z Hook® owner) personally.
Those qualified may sign up here.

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