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Question: How do I use the E-Z Hook® to flip food ?




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Answer: #1 Place point down on the edge of food you want to flip #2 Give a half turn of your wrist, like turning a door knob #3 Lift food off of cooking surface #4 Lay food on its back #5 Flick the hook out of food to release

Question: What kind of foods can I flip with my E-Z Hooks?

Answer: Anything you can use a fork on and then some. E-Z Hooks are the best bacon turners. You can use your E-Z Hooks on chicken, steak, tortillas, bacon, veggies. ribs, pork chops etc. Not reccomended for peas or brussel sprouts. Click Here for more E-Z Hook® Uses

Answer: Wooden handled utensils should never be put in the dishwasher, it ruins the wood. However, if you are compelled to put wooden handle utensil in the dishwasher instead of hand washing you can opt to purchase an inexpensive 2 part epoxy and coat the wooden part of the handle of the hooks or other utensils completely. Follow the instructions on the epoxy package. The 15 to 30 minute setup epoxies work very well. Coat the handles thoroughly then place the metal part of the hook on a shelf or counter top making sure the freshly coated epoxy does not touch the counter. Lay a heavy book on the metal shaft of the utensil to hold it. Once dried the handle looks highly glossed and looks very expensive looking and is dishwasher safe. Let it dry over night just to make sure it is dry, lightly touch the whole handle and make sure their are no wet or sticky areas. If it is sticky after drying over night this means you did not mix the two parts of the epoxy well and it could take a few days to cure. Now you have beautiful shiny brilliant water-proof wood handles.

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